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Pediatric Dentistry

Our Care for Your Children

Our team puts children of all ages at ease by making their visits enjoyable! Your whole family can be assured of a good experience in our office with our use of the latest techniques. We interact with your children in a caring, thoughtful, and compassionate manner, so they will actually like coming to the dentist, rather than fear it. We have a very friendly and easy to talk to hygienist, who shows kids proper dental care so they have a goal of healthy teeth for a lifetime. Not only do our young patients like coming to see us, we like seeing them year after year as they grow and change and we help them keep a radiant and healthy smile.

No More Dental Fears

With each child’s visit to our office, we make sure they grow up without fear of dental treatments. Not only are our young patients happy, but parents are too when they see how easy it is to get them to go to their appointments. Your children look forward to visiting our office because of the care we give them, our friendly manner, and the many painless techniques we use in maintaining their dental health.

Good Habits for Healthy Teeth

Our approach in caring for the dental health of our young patients extends beyond our office. We educate them on taking the very best care of their teeth at home. Children are most susceptible to cavities for multiple reasons.

  • They often do not brush well – sometimes missing contours of the teeth and allowing plaque to develop on tooth surfaces. We encourage parents to be a part of their daily dental care to make sure they brush hard to reach places.
  • Young children eat frequently during the day, increasing the exposure of acid on the surface of teeth and creating a more inviting environment for cavities.

Today, we are able to apply a fluoride sealant to a child’s teeth to mineralize them. This application, when coupled with good dietary and hygiene habits, can greatly reduce the occurrence of cavities.

Dental Sealants - Preventive Dental CareHere is a preview of the process of applying a fluoride sealant:

  • The child’s teeth are cleaned and sterilized.
  • A thin clear or white plastic coating is applied.
  • A curing light is used to seal and bond the coating in place.
  • It is a quick process of just a few minutes. No drills, no shots, no tooth alteration or removal.
  • It is totally pain-free!

It is proven to be the best prevention a youngster or adolescent can have in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Healthy smiles for your entire family! Give us a call today at (856) 294-6767 to schedule your child’s visit.

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